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10 wicked examples of push notification and in-app messaging to learn from
The most popular communication channels for mobile apps today are without doubt push notifications and in-app messages. Push notifications are a way for you to playfully nudge your users, getting them to open your app when it’s currently closed.
Google Play sponsored app ads
Google had taken it up a notch and released search ads on Google Play, along with new app promotion tools. This move is positioning Google, at last, as a real competitor to Facebook and Twitter in the paid app install ads industry.
Pay per download (PPD)
PPD is an advertising method where the advertiser pays only when the app being promoted is downloaded by the viewer. They dont pay for impressions or clicks.
Mobile App Burst Campaigns – a comparative analysis of service providers
When planning a burst campaign, there are a few important parameters that you need to look into, so you can make the best decision possible. These are the exact parameters we looked at, so you can have it all in front of you in one read.
Mobile App Burst Campaigns –The pros, cons and all the considerations in between
Burst campaign is one of the most popular techniques used by mobile app marketers, who are looking to climb up the app store ranks. This item discusses the pros and cons of this popular user acquisition tool.
5 tips on Google Play A/B experiments to boost your app installs
Google Play experiments is a COOL new feature that enables A/B testing of both texts and visuals in your Play Store listing. Here are some tips to get you going
ASO for dummies: The true and false app store optimization (ASO) facts
ASO is a relatively new discipline, even the masters have not been practicing it for that many years, and chances are that most of us need to work on our ASO muscles.. for our own benefit of course.
What is mobile RTB anyway?? The complete training 4 app marketers and publishers
Mobile RTB (Real Time Bidding) is the new guy on the block, the new hype, and the magic expression everybody just loves to throw into the conversation these days. Here is all you need to know about mobile RTB.
Your mobile app’s debut – first day of launch: minute to minute game plan
This is how the day of your app launch/major upgrade would look and feel like. Have fun with it! The moment you’ve been preparing for has finally come!
Our ASO journey continues: Cracking the keywords challenge
While ASO includes many activities you can engage in, one of the main challenges around ASO relates to optimizing keywords for search results ranking purposes.
Localization guide: Localize your app submission materials and general app marketing assets
Localizing your app marketing efforts is a key success factor in many cases. This guide provides a walk-through of the key aspects to take into account when thinking about app marketing localization.
Why your app marketing strategy must include localization?
Localization of your mobile app boosts your organic growth and ad conversion rates. In some specific markets, it’s even a mandatory entrance ticket.